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  • MMTW - The Multi-Cultural Exchange  Public Workshop. Product thumbnail image
    This is for non-native English Speaking Professionals living and working in Dublin. Designed to help you become a more effective English speaker as you are guided informally through a range of personal and professional development activities. Really getting involved in either your local community or workplace means connecting at a new level altogether. the aim of this group is develop your communication skills to help you do precisely this, as both your language and competency grows.
  • Essential Communication & Presentation Skills -BEST FOR NEWBIES to Much More than Public Speaking!!. Product thumbnail image
    If teamwork, presenting and networking makes you uncomfortable, this is for you. Native or non native English speakers alike need these core skills whether working for a company or self employed. With more confidence to show what you're capable of, especially if you're creative, you'll gain the skills and confidence to help you sell your work more effectively. We'll help develop your style keeping your 'Cultural Identity' intact. Gone are the days of the 'Cardboard Cutout', it's time to be yourself!
  • From 'Page to Stage'. Product thumbnail image
    'From Page to Stage' - This one and a half day Intensive practical workshop teaches you how to develop and deliver your speech, or or mini-talk or presentation effectively, introducing a new technique as well as looking at your current method(s). This One Day Workshop includes an extra half day follow-up session. Suitable for all levels, particularly those wishing to build on existing skills.

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